Building integrated Solar PV

River heat pumps

Community Solar PV

Sewage Anaerobic Digestion

Smart Demand-side Management

Grid Carbon
Smart Apps

Peak Demand Smoothing

Efficiency Retrofitting

Smart water analytics

Water Loss Reduction

Resilience Risk Management

Flood Risk Alleviation

Ops Business Risk Management

Asset Availability and Performance

Proactive over Reactive Asset Management

Smart Integrated Infrastructure

Smart Energy Grid

Smart Analytics

Internet of Things

Smart Connected Homes

Reliable Transportation Information

City Performance Optimisation

Advanced Recycling

Food Waste to Biogas

Solid Waste to Syngas

Community led
Local Energy

Avoid, Reuse,
Reduce, Minimise

Waste as a Resource


Responding to an increasing level of decentralised zero and low carbon energy together with the impact of storage and smart grid.


Helping to treat waste as a resource instead of a disposal issue. Taking full advantage of landfill tax and green energy incentives to advance this sector.


Finding ways to make water systems real-time and smart; more sustainable sources and better long-term intelligent asset management.

Smarter Cities

Addressing the convergence of sustainable infrastructure by seeking to link energy, water, waste and IT in the best ways possible.