Adding Value

We add value by:

Better collaboration and communications throughout the whole process

  • Share lessons learnt (good and bad)
  • Keep the whole team informed and be proactive in team building
  • Put ourselves in the shoes of our client or partner and understand: what they need? Why they need it? What annoys them? What’s most important?
  • Know our strengths and weaknesses and those of the wider total team; and make best use of the strengths.

Getting the right job done right

  • We never walk away from a job
  • We seek to understand the underlying problems and get to the root causes
  • We get the scope right, often this involves cutting the cloth to suit, and to do on a staged basis
  • We ‘cut to the chase’. We know clients need our answers based on sound assessments, as opposed to lengthy academic exercises.
  • We agree realistic budgets and programmes and stick to them. Cost certainty and delivery on time are critical

Use sustainability thinking as a proxy and enabler to drive:

  • Better business
  • Taking more advantage of opportunities and adjacencies
  • Drive out waste and inefficiency
  • Improve business risk portfolio
  • Allow people to think about the softer wider issues of the project to drive a better outcome; instead of just thinking about cost. Which in-turn drives down the total real cost. It really does work!

See ‘What We Do’ tab for more information about our 2Sustain™ Value Tower framework.