Core Values

We are driven by our core values of delivering:

  • Integrity - doing business the right way
  • Safely – everyone going home safely at the end of the day. Aiming for zero incidents and learning from any near misses
  • Sustainably - it’s in our name! Using sustainability thinking to truly drive business improvement not just for corporate reporting
  • Collaboratively - recognising that working together successfully drives real value and benefits, but takes hard work to get alignment, common purpose and excellent communications; which in turn breeds long-term trust
  • Client business needs focused - always seeking to fully understand our client’s full objectives
  • Innovatively – using sustainability to drive innovation; and looking to the future
  • Growth of the next generation – valuing diversity and the new ideas & IT skills that the modern young engineer/analyst brings.

What’s in a name?

2Sustain means “We need to sustain our planet in so many ways. We can’t just hope for the best. Global population is likely to exceed 10 billion (peak human), and the world’s resources need to sustain that. Scary on so many levels. Our only real way is to manage our energy, waste, water, waste water and city infrastructures in a much more joined up and better ways; making much better use of smart/intelligent asset management. This has to be done across the global and there are already great advances, many in developing countries as well as developed countries. We seek to be part of that solution; and reject the notion that this is all a catastrophic problem.”