Supply Chain

We are a local company with a local supply chain; Seeking to retain economic value in the local area or in the area of our client’s local community; and by working with clients, associates and suppliers who have strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment.

A simple ethos of striving to:

  • Purchase IT equipment locally
  • Seeking to recruit talent locally
  • Promoting the principles of sustainable procurement
  • Seek out energy efficient equipment, products and services
  • Treating our supply chain in exactly the same way as we would expect to be treated
  • Use local SME business facilities, where possible
  • Buy Fairtrade™ where possible
  • Support local WaterAid and Oxfam events.
  • Support local charities such as Dorking museum, Dorking Orchard, Scouting Association, Deepdene Hope Springs Eternal and Transition Towns.